Combined Australia Day BBQ

Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more….

-from the ‘Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George!’ speech of Shakespeare’s Henry V, Act III, 1598.

Or should that be, ‘right, breaks over, back to work’ and to mark the occasion a joint Chapter, Mark and Ark Grand Teams BBQ was held on Australia Day at the Frankston and District Masonic Centre and in keeping with the tradition that a Grand Directors work is never done, it was hosted by the Grand Directors of each Order.   As each team member arrived on the day they were confronted with a raffle with the proceeds to go to the ‘We Care’ appeal – these Grand Directors sure know how to get things done.  When asked why donate to ‘We Care’ appeal the answer was simple, “it’s because we do care” – can’t fault that.

Indeed the BBQ was very much appreciated and a great time was had by all who attended as one would expect when such an august body of Freemasons (and their Ladies, of course) gather together in one place.   Although I was surprised to see a prominent Freemason with a tattoo “Made in Australia” on his forehead, I hope it was one of those stick on types but I guess we shall see as time goes by.

Of course we couldn’t have a gathering like this without a speech or two from our leaders which provided the opportunity to announce that the gathering had made a total of $626.00 to donate to the ‘We Care’ appeal.  We were amazed and delighted – these Grand Directors sure know how to get things done.  $626.00 from just one small day out, wow, makes you think doesn’t it.

There were flags and banners, stickers and hats and just about anything you could imagine at the BBQ that proclaimed louder than words that this is Australia’s Day and we are proud to be Australian.  As a consequence of the good planning skills expected of Grand Directors, a feast such has rarely been seen before was laid on and greatly appreciated and consumed with gusto.

Sitting down with good food, good company and ample refreshments, the talk soon moved to discussions of the work ahead and how eager the respective team members are to get back into harness once more.  There were a number of common themes over heard that day with one of the main ones being the team members desire to get out there once more amongst Companions and Brethren.  There is something very enjoyable in meeting the members of our Order in their respective installations as well as at Grand Convocations and Quarterly Communications, that is hard to describe but deeply felt.

So until we meet again, keep an eye out for us, (particularly for that guy with the tattoo on his forehead) stay safe and let us greet each other once more as we begin a new and exciting year ahead.

Well, all good things must end and this day was no exception, after such a great day we were all faced with the cleanup, so we pondered that a little and decided to leave it to the Grand Directors because …….. ‘those Grand Directors sure know how to get things done’.

A Grand Director in Full Voice

“Give Us Yur Money!!!”

Now You Can Eat

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